Surface Roughness Simulation Using Fractal Interpolation to the Profilogram

Loreta MAČĖNAITĖ, Mantas LANDAUSKAS, Vidmantas Povilas PEKARSKAS


This paper presents the methodology and results of surface roughness simulation of soft polymer materials using approximations of fractal interpolation curves. The modeling algorithm and its realization are made so that they can be applied to any profilogram. The comparison of created models and real profilograms is done using autocorrelation functions and fractal dimensions. The three-dimensional model of the roughened surface is developed and equations, relating the area of the surface to the characteristics of abrasive materials, i.e. to the size of an abrasive grain, are obtained. Those equations are to be used in forecasting the area of the surface of a butadiene-styrene rubber evading the experiment itself.



abrasion; surface roughness; three-dimensional model of a rough surface; autocorrelation function; fractal interpolation; fractal dimension

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289