Analyses of Hygienic Properties of Modified Non-Woven Nursing Pads



The paper aims to investigate the hygienic properties of disposable non-woven nursing pads and modification with focus on their increased protection function during lactation and indications from the early breast’s pathological changes. To optimise parameters of nursing pads, the area density, thickness, air permeability and resistance of the leakage have been investigated. The modification has been performed by the specially designed modifier on the interior nursing pad’s surface. The thermoplastic elastomer with addition of termochromic pigment was used as modifier. The modified pads were subjected to investigation, consisting of a gradual local heating. After heating the colour changes of modifier were evaluated. The changes of the temperature corresponded with the values of skin temperature of diseased breast woman. The air permeability and the resistance of the leakage have been investigated to test the influence of modification process.



non-woven nursing pads; hygienic properties; termochromic pigment; resistance of the leakage

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289