A Facile Method for Low-Temperature Synthesis of NaV₃O₈ as Cathode Materials for Lithium Secondary Batteries

  • Chao YUAN Henan Agricultural University
  • Cong LI Henan Agricultural University
  • Binqiang MA Henan Agricultural University
  • Xin LI Henan Agricultural University
  • Xiaoyu CAO Henan University of Technology
Keywords: NaV₃O₈, soft-chemistry synthesis, porous particles, electrochemical performance, lithium secondary batteries


A facile method has been used to synthesize NaV3O8 powders with oxalic acid as the complexing agent. This soft-synthesis technique can effectively reduce the calcination temperature for synthesizing NaV3O8 powders to 300 °C, which is much lower than that in the solid-state synthesis. The thus-synthesized NaV3O8 powders are characterized by XRD, SEM and galvanostatic charge-discharge test. Among the as-prepared powders, the NaV3O8 powder obtained at 350 °C exhibits morphology of porous particles. The electrochemical analysis reveals that this powder demonstrates high discharge capacity and good cycleability.