Properties of GeXOY:H Thin Films Produced by Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • Arnoldas UŽUPIS1∗, Jacek TYCZKOWSKI, Kondrad GUBIEC, Sigitas TAMULEVIČIUS, Mindaugas ANDRULEVIČIUS, Mindaugas PUCĖTA Lithuanian University of Agriculture
Keywords: germanium oxides, residual stress, XPS, AFM.


Amorphous germanium oxide (GexOy:H) films, 0.2 μm – 1.2 μm thick, produced by plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition from a mixture of tetramethylgermanium (TMGe) and oxygen (O2) in radio-frequency (13.56 MHz) glow discharge, were investigated. Highly transmitting (> 80 % at wavelength 300 nm – 800 nm) GexOy:H films grew at rate of approx. 0.8 nm/s. The film structure and morphology were determined by XPS, X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy. The thickness of the films was evaluated by ellipsometry. Optical interferometry was used, in turn, to measure the residual stress in the GexOy:H films. The correlation between the residual stress and chemical composition of the films was analyzed.