Structural and Functional Properties of Electrodeposited Copper Metal Matrix Composite Coating with Inclusions of WC

  • Viktorija MEDELIENĖ∗, Aleksandr KOSENKO Institute of Chemistry
Keywords: copper, tungsten carbide, hardness, roughness, wear resistance, wetting ability.


The matrix durability properties were improved when micrometer-sized tungsten carbide (WC) particles were
incorporated into an electroplated copper matrix. The WC particles have a hardening effect on the metal matrix and its
hardness increases from 160–2 of pure copper coating to 185–2. The wear resistance of dispersionhardened
Cu-WC composite coating is slightly higher than that of pure copper. The inclusions of tungsten carbide
particles promoted the formation of a smooth crystalline structure of copper matrix. The surface formed in the presence
of WC micro particles has lower Ra parameters of the standard roughness and a smoother profile than those of a pure
copper coating. It has been found that the wetting ability of Cu-WC composite coating surface is the same as that of pure