Hydrophobic Treatment of Blended Fabric’s Surface

  • Anna BORISOVA Riga Technical University
  • Skaidrite REIHMANE Riga Technical University
Keywords: hydrophobic effect, cotton/polyester fabric


The nature-inspired theory of hydrophobic surface is an interdisciplinary subject which involves physics, chemistry, material science, and even biology. Nowadays with more developed equipment, we are able to fabricate man-made hydrophobic surfaces which have significant water-repellence and durability what will make this scientific direction maintaining and long-lasting. The present study covers a method of bringing high hydrophobicity to cotton/polyester fabric. Three different commercially available fluorine containing hydrophobic agents were applied to samples in different concentration and compared by physical properties. According to experimental results the sufficient agents’ concentration is ascertained. Samples and recommendations for industrial testing are developed.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.ms.19.2.1139

Author Biographies

Anna BORISOVA, Riga Technical University
Institute of Polymer Materials, researcher, Ph.D. student
Skaidrite REIHMANE, Riga Technical University
Institute of Polymer Materials, professor