Investigation of Hot Rolling Influence on the Explosive-Welded Clad Plate

Guanghui ZHAO, Qingxue HUANG, Cunlong ZHOU, Xiaorong YANG, Guangming LIU, Lifeng MA


The microstructure, the shear strength and tensile strength of stainless steel explosive-welded clad plate at different rolling reduction were studied. The mechanical properties of the explosive-welded and explosive-rolled clad plates were experimentally measured. Simultaneously, the microstructures of the clad plate were investigated by the Ultra deep microscope and the tensile fracture surface were observed by the scan electron microscope (SEM). It was observed that the tensile strength has been increased considerably, whereas the elongation percentage has been reduced with the increase of hot rolling reduction. In the tensile shear test, the bond strength is higher than the strength of the ferritic stainless steel layer and meets the relevant known standard criterion. Microstructural evaluations showed that the grain of the stainless steel and steel refined with the increase of thickness reduction. Examination of the tensile fracture surfaces reveal that, after hot rolling, the fracture in the low alloy steel and ferritic stainless steel clad plates is of the ductile type.



rolling reduction, clad plate, mechanical properties, microstructure, fractography

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289