Influence of Environment on Ageing Behaviour of the Polyurethane Film

  • Yanzhi WANG
  • Zonghui SUN
  • Jifeng TIAN
  • Haiyan WANG
  • Huicong WANG
  • Yingliang JI
Keywords: polyurethane films, ageing, synergism


In this work, UV-Vis spectra, FT-IR spectra, colour difference, yellowness index,and SEM micrographs were used to study the accelerated ageing behaviour of polyurethane films that exposed to UV radiation, O3 atmosphere, and UV/O3 integrated environment. During 200 hours of exposure in three different environment, the UV absorbance, the colour difference, the yellowness, and the absorption of –NH/–OH and –C=O bands in FT-IR spectra of the films increase gradually with increasing exposure time, respectively, and the films exposed to the three environments have different colour difference, yellowness index, UV-Vis spectra, and FT-IR spectra. The films are vulnerable to degradation and yellowing in the following environment order: O3 < UV < UV/O3. After exposure to UV radiation or O3 atmosphere, some degradation products and blisters are formed on the film surface. After exposure to UV/O3 integrated environment, there are strip blisters and micro-cracks on the film surface, and exists an obvious synergism between UV radiation and O3 atmosphere in accelerating the ageing of the polyurethane films.