Effects of Preparation Conditions on the Yield and Embedding Ratio of Vinyl Silicone Oil Microcapsules

  • Aijie MA
  • Qiuyu ZHNAG
  • Chunmei LI
  • Weixing CHEN
  • Chunyan LUO
Keywords: microcapsule, in-situ polymerization, yield, embedding ratio


Self-healing materials could repair themselves without external influences when they are damaged. In this paper, microcapsules are prepared by in-situ polymerization method with vinyl silicone oil as core material, polyurea formaldehyde (PUF) as wall material and polyvinyl alcohol as dispersants. The morphology and structure of the microcapsules are tested with scanning electron microscopy (SEM), polarizing microscope(PM)and laser particle analyzer(LPA). Effect of the reaction temperature, stirring speed and PVA concentration on the yield, embedding ratio, particle size and distribution of the microcapsules are studied. Results show that the microcapsules can be successfully prepared by in situ polymerization method. When the reaction temperature was 60℃, the stirring speed 1000 r/min, dispersant concentration 0.1%, the yield and embedding ratio of the microcapsule are 52.5% and 50.1%. The microcapsules prepared have smooth surface, well dispersibility, narrow particle size distribution and the average particle size is 13 μm.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.ms.22.2.13026