The Influence of Cr3C2 and VC as Alloying Additives on the Microstructure and Properties of Reactive Sintered WC-Co Cermets

  • Kristjan JUHANI Tallinn University of Technology
  • Jüri PIRSO Tallinn University of Technology
  • Mart VILJUS Tallinn University of Technology
  • Sergei LETUNOVITŠ Tallinn University of Technology
  • Marek TARRASTE Tallinn University of Technology
Keywords: WC-15 % Co, reactive sintering, alloying additives, mechanical and tribological properties


Investigated WC-Co cermets were produced via reactive sintering. In case of reactive sintering the elemental powders of tungsten, carbon black as graphite source and cobalt at first activated throw high energy milling and then the carbide synthesis is taking place in the same cycle with liquid phase sintering of the cermets. Because there is a lack of information about the influence of alloying additives on the reactive sintered WC-Co cermets, small amount of chromium carbide or vanadium carbide was added to the powders. To investigate the influence of carbon content in initial powder mixture on the microstructure and properties of reactive sintered WC-Co cermets alloyed with Cr3C2 and VC cermets with different carbon content were produced. The hardness, transverse rupture strength and erosion resistance of alloyed WC-Co cermets depending on carbon content in initial powder mixture is exhibited.