Investigating Corrosion, Wear Resistance and Friction of AA5454-O Series after its Severe Deformation by Rolling

  • Sinan SEZEK Atatürk University
Keywords: rolling, aluminium, plastic deformation, corrosion, wear, friction


AA5454-O is an easily wrought, or in other words, a ductile aluminium alloy, however, its mechanical properties are inferior as compared to those of other alloys. The change taking place in corrosion resistance of AA5454-O alloy as a result of its severe plastic deformation (SPD) by rolling has been investigated in this study. It has been observed that significant changes occurred in abrasion wear and corrosion resistances of AA5454-O alloy, which was severely deformed up to 80 % by rolling process. Corrosion resistance of the alloy that was severely deformed by rolling has increased. The effect of deformation rate on corrosion has been investigated by applying potentiodynamic test whereas on the other hand such change has been evidenced also through corrosion test. It has been observed that friction coefficient of severely deformed AA5454-O alloy varied by around 10 %, and that, associated with such change, its wear resistance also increased considerably. It has been determined that, as a result of severe deformation by rolling, hardness values rose in areas where the alloy was in contact with rolling surface. In this study, wear resistance of severely deformed alloy has been investigated as well. It has been observed that deformation value contributed positively to the increase in wear resistance.


Author Biography

Sinan SEZEK, Atatürk University
Electric and Energy Department of Askale / Atatürk Unv.