Preparation of a Novel Water-based Acrylic Multi-Thermal Insulation Coating

Xiufang YE, Dongchu CHEN, Menglei CHANG, Youtian MO, Qingxiang WANG


To efficiently improve the thermal insulation effect of coatings, a novel water-based acrylic multi-thermal insulation coating (multi-WATIC) combined with thermal obstruction, echo, and radiation was prepared. The category and ratio of thermal insulation functional fillers are crucial. First, water-based acrylic thermal insulation coating (WATIC) with single thermal insulation functional fillers was prepared, and the thermal insulation property tests were done. Thereafter, a novel multi-WATIC was prepared combined with the 3 thermal insulation functional fillers together, and the formula of the novel multi-WATIC was optimized based on single factor experiments by response surface methodology (RSM). Test results showed that multi-WATIC has excellent thermal insulation property, and the fitting result obtained by RSM is in good agreement with test data.



waterborne, multi-thermal insulation, temperature difference, response surface methodology, optimization

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289