The Influence of Chemical Treatment on Cotton Fiber Materials’ Mechanical Parameters

  • Jurgita KOŽENIAUSKIENĖ Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • Matas GUTAUSKAS Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • Virginija DAUKANTIENĖ Kauno technologijos universitetas
Keywords: fibrous polymers, chemical softening, mechanical characteristics, pulling through nozzle, surface friction


This paper explores the changes in the mechanical parameters of cotton fiber materials (woven and knitted materials) resulting from the chemical softening using two cationic liquid softeners. It was determined that these changes can be reflected and reliably evaluated using a method based on pulling a disc-shaped specimen through a central nozzle. The research also analyses the changes in textile mechanical parameters determined in pulling process, in material thickness as well as in surface friction coefficient resulting from wet textile treatment. It was determined that the washing of textile material influences the increase in their hand parameters and in thickness. The softening of washed textiles allows regenerating their hand properties similar to those of untreated ones.


Author Biographies

Jurgita KOŽENIAUSKIENĖ, Kauno technologijos universitetas
Matas GUTAUSKAS, Kauno technologijos universitetas
prof. habil.dr.
Virginija DAUKANTIENĖ, Kauno technologijos universitetas
doc. dr.