The Investigation on Flexural Toughness of Partially Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Immersed by Simulated Sea-Water

  • Feng GAO University of Jinan
  • Jun Yu GUO Department of housing and Urban-Rural Development of Shandong
  • Hui YUAN Shandong Provincial Communications Planning and Design Institute
  • Lei Chun FAN Shandong Taishan Puhui Construction Co. Ltd.
  • Ke LI Taishan medical University
Keywords: PSFRC, crack, corrosion, residual strength factor, load-deflection curve


In order to investigate the corrosive resistance of partially steel fiber reinforced concrete (PSFRC), the flexural toughness experiment of nine specimens subjected to corrosion by alternating wet and dry cycles in a simulated marine environment were conducted, which aims at investigating the effect of corrosion time, steel fiber volume fraction and SFRC thickness on PSFRC toughness. The experimental results showed that both the mechanical and ductile characteristics of PSFRC got worse due to corrosion even if increasing the steel fiber volume. Additionally, the effect of steel fiber content on the toughness and ultimate load are greater than PSFRC thickness (t). The increase of 56.6% and 171% could be obtained in the mean ultimate load and I10 if the increase of steel fiber volume is from 0.5 % to 2.0%, respectively. This paper could offer a reference to the application of PSFRC in sea-water environment.