Preparation and Photocatalytic Performance of Bamboo-Charcoal-Supported Nano-ZnO Composites

Yunlong ZHOU, Zhibiao HU, Manxia TONG, Qiaoling ZHANG, Changqing TONG


Nano-ZnO/bamboo charcoal composites were prepared by precipitation with bamboo charcoal as support. Nano-ZnO/bamboo charcoal composites were characterized by XRD, SEM and EDS. Photocatalytic degradation processes of methyl orange were studied. The results indicate that the structure of nano-ZnO is of the wurtzite type and the grain size is about 19-54 nm. The best preparation temperature for these composites is 500℃. The composites have better photocatalytic degradation ability than pure ZnO under UV irradiation. Photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange with the composites obeys first-order kinetics, and the composites can be recycled.



nano-ZnO, charcoal, photocatalytic degradation, methyl orange, precipitation

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289