Effects of Chemical Modification on the Mechanical Properties of Calotropis Gigantea Fiber-reinforced Phenol Formaldehyde Biocomposites

  • Sekar SANJEEVI
  • Athijayamani AYYANAR Government College of Engineering, Anna University
  • Ramanathan KALIMUTHU
  • Sidhardhan SUSAIYAPPAN
Keywords: Calotropis Gigantea fiber, phenol formaldehyde, chemical modification, mechanical properties


In this paper, the effects of three different chemical treatments on the mechanical properties of Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) composites reinforced with the Calotropis Gigantea Fibers (CGFs) were investigated based on the fiber content of the fibers. Composites were prepared by the untreated and treated fibers using the hand lay up technique and their mechanical properties were evaluated and compared. The results revealed that the composites show the greater mechanical properties at 40 wt.% for the untreated condition. Composites prepared with alkali treated fibers show the better mechanical properties as compared with the other treated fiber composites.

Author Biography

Athijayamani AYYANAR, Government College of Engineering, Anna University

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Professor