Firing and Initiation Characteristics of Energetic Semiconductor Bridge Integrated with Varied Thickness of Al/MoO3 Nanofilms

Peng ZHU, Zhen GUAN, Shuai FU, Shuangfei ZHAO, Ruiqi SHEN, Yinghua YE


Two types of energetic semiconductor bridges (ESCBs), with 3μm and 6μm Al/MoO3 energetic multilayer nanofilms integrated respectively, were prepared with microfabrication technique. The influence of Al/MoO3 nanofilms thickness on the firing and initiation characteristics of ESCBs was investigated. Results show that critical firing time and critical firing energy of ESCBs do not change significantly. The flame size of SCB-Al/MoO3(6μm) is twice than that of SCB-Al/MoO3(3μm) at 100μs. Furthermore, the firing duration of SCB-Al/MoO3(6μm) is 540μs, much higher than SCB-Al/MoO3(3μm) 300μs, which is very useful for the initiation of energetic materials. However, the contact and non-contact initiation of ESCBs on HMX-Al/MoO3 composite explosives show that the film thickness of Al/MoO3 has the remarkable influence on the initiation ability of ESCBs. The results from experiments deepen the understanding of the influence of thickness of Al/MoO3 nanofilms on the firing performance of SCB, which is very meaningful for the initiation of energetic materials.



Al/MoO3 energetic multilayer nanofilms; energetic semiconductor bridge; firing performance; initiation performance

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289