Study of Temperature Dependence of the Deposition Rates of Ni-P Based Sonication-Assisted Nanoscale Electroless Composite Plating

  • Hengzhi ZHOU
  • Yuqiang GU
  • Wenhao WANG
  • Rui LIU
  • Yuqiang BAI
  • Baosen ZHANG
  • Xiangyang MAO
Keywords: sonication-assisted, electroless composite plating, nano-SiC, deposition rates


In this study, SiCp/Ni-P nano-composite coatings were fabricated on 45 steel substrates under ultrasonic excitation at temperatures from 85 °C to 45 °C. The micro-morphologies and compositions of the coatings were analyzed using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersion Spectrum (EDS). The deposition rates of the different processes were then investigated using the polarization curve method, the weighing method, and the film thickness method. The effects of sonication on the coating process were also investigated. The results reveal that free energy decreased to 16.38 kJ/mol, which can be attributed to the positive effect of sonication on the reaction activity. Furthermore, the deposition rates of the composite plating decreased with the process temperature. Specifically, the deposition rates measured by the polarization curve method, weighing method, and film thickness method decreased from 0.625 mg/(cm2·h) to 0.116 mg/(cm2·h), from 3.9 mg/(cm2·h) to 1.6 mg/(cm2·h), and from 36.64 μm/h to 7.05 μm/h, respectively.