Ag-induced a New Raman Mode in ZnO Microrods

Jing WANG, Lina WANG, Meina WANG, Dan ZHOU, Yan MEI, Wenzhuo HUANG, Tian XING, Shengxu GE, Yuntong CHEN, You YU, Zhongqi LUAN, Bing QU, Yaxiang BAI, Chao PAN, Delong TANG, Na ZHU, Yu QIU, Lizhong HU


The chemical vapor deposition technique was used to prepare the Ag doped ZnO microrods, which were located on Si substrates at two different positions.  The scanning electron microscopy revealed that the samples have a clear hexagonal shape. X-ray diffraction provided information about the preferential orientation along the c-axis. The Raman analysis revealed that a new Raman mode appears at 492 cm-1 due to Ag doping. As this mode has not been reported early, it could be used as a characteristic mode of Ag doping in Raman spectrum. The red shift of the E2 (high) mode proves the existence of tensile stress in the samples.


ZnO microrods; Ag doping; Raman spectrum

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289