Turbulence Imaging Simulation Based on Electrically Tunable Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals Cell

  • Hui LI
  • Fan PAN
  • Yuntao WU
  • Yanduo ZHANG
  • Xiaolin XIE
Keywords: polymer dispersed liquid crystals, scattering properties, turbulence image simulator


In this study, the scattering properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC) and its optical features for use in turbulence image simulation are presented. A PDLC cell composed of a liquid crystal/monomer mixture with two indium tin oxide glass substrates, 55 wt.% E7 and 45 wt.% NOA65, is proposed. And this mixture had a thickness of 10 µm. With respect to its scattering properties, it was hypothesized that the proposed PDLC cell could be utilized as an electrically tunable turbulence imaging simulator. The measured results, two dimensional images of the transmission light, under voltages from 0 Vrms to 10 Vrms showed that the PDLC film could effectively simulate turbulence situation of a point light source under atmosphere turbulence condition to a certain extent. This PDLC film had a great potential for application in turbulence imaging simulation.