Enhancement of Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Ultra-Fine Grain Al0.4FeCrCo1.5NiTi0.3 High-Entropy Alloy by MA and SPS Technologies

  • Shaofeng YANG
  • Yan ZHANG
  • Xing YAN
  • Hang ZHOU
Keywords: high-entropy alloy, powder metallurgy, TEM, micro-structure, properties


Al0.4FeCrCo1.5NiTi0.3 high-entropy alloy (HEA) was prepared by mechanical alloying (MA) and spark plasma sintering (SPS), which were evaluated in this study by XRD and TEM. After SPS, the bulk alloy exhibited a structure with a dominant fcc phase, a minor volume fraction of bcc phase, and the formation of TiAl3 intermetallic compound. Deformation twinning was observed in the fcc phase in the bulk HEA. The latter had a compressive strength, strain and Vickers hardness of 2225 ± 15 MPa, 17.52 ± 0.50 % and 515 ± 16 HV, respectively. The corrosion resistance studies indicated that Al0.4FeCrCo1.5NiTi0.3 with ultra-fine grained micro-structure was easier to passivate and possessed excellent corrosion resistance.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.ms.25.3.19452