Evaluation of the Effect of Thermo-mechanical Treatment on the Resistance of Commercial OSB to Decay Fungi

  • Matheus Couto CRISÓSTOMO Universidade de Brasília
  • Claudio Henrique Soares DEL MENEZZI Universidade de Brasília
Keywords: oriented strand board, thermo-mechanical treatment, rotting fungi


insertion of chemical agents, which are subject to leaching when exposed to weathering. In this context, the thermo-mechanical modification seeks to increase the durability of wood, without polluting the environment. Samples of untreated and thermo-mechanically treated Oriented Strand Board (OSB) were exposed to the attack of rotting fungi. Both untreated and treated samples were classified as resistant to the attack of T. versicolor (white-rot). To the attack of G.trabeum (brown-rot), the untreated samples were classified as moderate resistance, and the treated samples as resistant. The results of mass loss showed that the thermo-mechanical treatment caused an increase of 19.34 % (white-rot) and 43.03 % (brown-rot) in the OSB resistance, and also improved the OSB resistance class from moderately resistant to resistant to brown-rot fungi.