Evaluation of the Effect of Thermo-mechanical Treatment on the Resistance of Commercial OSB to Decay Fungi

Matheus Couto CRISÓSTOMO, Claudio Henrique Soares DEL MENEZZI


insertion of chemical agents, which are subject to leaching when exposed to weathering. In this context, the thermo-mechanical modification seeks to increase the durability of wood, without polluting the environment. Samples of untreated and thermo-mechanically treated Oriented Strand Board (OSB) were exposed to the attack of rotting fungi. Both untreated and treated samples were classified as resistant to the attack of T. versicolor (white-rot). To the attack of G.trabeum (brown-rot), the untreated samples were classified as moderate resistance, and the treated samples as resistant. The results of mass loss showed that the thermo-mechanical treatment caused an increase of 19.34 % (white-rot) and 43.03 % (brown-rot) in the OSB resistance, and also improved the OSB resistance class from moderately resistant to resistant to brown-rot fungi.


oriented strand board; thermo-mechanical treatment; rotting fungi

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289