The Investigation of Adsorption Behaviors of Nine Ionic Liquid-Immobilized Silicas on Two Phenols in Water and Soil samples

  • Minglei TIAN Yangtze University
  • Xuemin YAN
  • Wei XIAO
  • Liangwen LIN
Keywords: ionic liquid, immobilized silica, phenols, water, soil


An experimental study on adsorption of phenol and o-cresol using ionic liquid-immobilized silica contained different functional groups was carried out. The effects of various operating parameters such as type of ionic liquid group, different adsorption time and ambient temperatures, different solvents in solid phase extraction (SPE) process and several aqueous ion solutions on adsorption of two phenols had been experimentally investigated. It was found that amino ionic liquid-immobilized silica had the highest adsorption efficiency and stability. The optimized adsorption conditions were 15 min under 35oC. In SPE, the acidity solution such as ethanol-HCl (0.1% vol.) and NaH2PO4 could reduce the adsorption efficiency of sorbents. Finally, the sorbent was applied to determining two phenols in real samples and relative standard deviation (RSD) less than 6.14% showed the high precision.