Electrolytic Preparation of Al-Sm Alloy in SmF3-LiF-Sm2O3 Molten Salt System

  • Xiaolian ZHANG
  • Chubin YANG
  • Hongxia LIU
  • Guanghuai PENG
Keywords: molten salt electrolysis, Al-Sm interalloy, current efficiency


In the present paper, an Al rod as liquid cathode was added into the SmF3-LiF-Sm2O3 molten salt system and subsequently the Al-Sm alloy was prepared by the liquid cathode electrolysis method. The effects of electrolysis temperature, cathode current density and electrolyte composition on the current efficiency were studied. The results demonstrated that the maximum content of Sm in the Al-Sm interalloy could reach up to 32.8 wt.%, whereas the alloy was mainly composed of the Al substrate, Al4Sm and Al3Sm phases. The current efficiency increased first subsequently decreased as the electrolysis temperature and cathode current density increased. Simultaneously, the electrolyte composition had a high impact on the current efficiency. When the mass ratio of SmF3and LiF was 4, the current efficiency was 62.8 %.