One Step Synthesis of Au Nanoparticles Supported on Graphene Oxide Using an Eco-Friendly Microwave-Assisted Process

  • Adriana MARINOIU
  • Radu ANDREI
  • Irina VAGNER
  • Violeta NICULESCU
  • Felicia BUCURA
  • Elena CARCADEA
Keywords: microwave irradiation, graphene, gold nanoparticles


Microwave (MW) assisted processes become more and more used in the synthesis and alteration of graphene materials. This technique brings some various advantages compare to the classical ones because it is a green, low-cost, environmentally-friendly process. Moreover, no toxic solvent is necessary for the production of high-quality graphene-based materials. This eco-friendly process has recently received important attention as uniform, fast, energy efficient and scalable approach to synthesis noble metals supported on graphene oxide. A facile, rapid, low cost and efficient method to prepare gold supported on reduced graphene oxide (Au/rGO) is presented in this paper. The Au/rGO samples were produced using the microwave power of 800 W and two temperatures, 60 and 80°C, for 30 minutes only. The physical characterization showed that the Au nanoparticles were grafting on the graphene surface. Additionally, the nitrogen adsorption–desorption isotherms show a high pore volume and specific surface suggesting that a larger mesoporous volume have been achieved. The presence of interconnections between micropores and mesopores is beneficial to the mass transport process in PEMFC by creating a facile access of the reactants. Moreover, the accelerated stability tests (AST) of the catalysts showed that the catalysts are stable and no remarkable change in the shape of the voltammetry curve could be observed after 200 cycles.