Research Progress of Biodegradable Polyester Polyols Based on Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclohexene Carbonate

  • Xuemei WANG Zheng Zhou University
  • Xiang GUI
  • Yingping QI
  • Yongfeng SHEN
  • Hua LI Zheng Zhou University
Keywords: cyclic carbonate, polycarbonate polyol, ring-opening polymerization, biodegradable polymers


The polycarbonate polyols(PCD) obtained by ring-opening polymerization of a general cyclic monomer is mostly a linear flexible structure, which is used as a raw material to synthesize polyurethanes, and it is difficult to simultaneously ensure good thermal-mechanical properties and weather resistance due to insufficient rigidity of the main chain. However, PCD based on ring-opening polymerization of cyclohexene carbonate (CHC), endowing with polyurethanes good mechanical properties, weather ability and biological stability because of the rigid structure of six-membered aliphatic rings in the main chain. Therefore, in this paper, the method and principle of preparing new polycarbonate polyols based on ring-opening polymerization of cyclohexene carbonate (CHC) are introduced. And the problems and countermeasures in its development and its application in polyurethane materials are discussed.