Submerged Arc Welding with Mixed into the Flux Materials Aiming to Obtain Hardened after Tempering Layer

  • Petras AMBROZA, Lina KAVALIAUSKIENĖ∗ Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: powder, overlay welding, hardness, tempering, wear


The layers obtained by overlay welding of Cт3 steel with Св 08 wire under AMS1 flux mixed with graphite, chromium, molybdenum, WC – 8 % Co, Fe – 70 % Mn, modifiers SiCaBa and SB5 powder are investigated. Milled glass, unused grinding wheels SiC and B4C and hard metal T15K6 powder was used for overlay welding instead of a flux. Effect of overlay welding composition on the layers microstructure and hardness as well as hardness change due to tempering at 500 °C − 650 °C temperatures are investigated. Abrasive wear tests were carried out and they showed that wear resistance of surfacing layers was higher than that of hardened tool steels. Use of secondary raw materials for overlay welding allows to obtain hard enough and high quality layers.