Influence of Structural Parameters on the Frost Resistance of Clay Masonry Units

  • Viktor KIZINIEVIČ∗, Olga KIZINIEVIČ Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Keywords: clay masonry units, structural parameters, water absorption, porosity


Investigation of ceramic samples is presented in the article. To attain this aim, the samples formed by plastic molding out of local raw materials were dried under standard conditions in the dryer and burned at the temperature of 1000 °C with exposure time of 1 h at the maximum temperature of burning. In the paper these physical and structural parameters of ceramic samples are determined experimentally: density, water absorption, effective porosity, total open porosity, reserve of pore volume, relative wall thickness of the pores and capillaries, degree of structural inhomogeneity, capillary rate of mass flow and all-side and one-side frost resistance.The statistic analysis of data obtained in the study was done and the relationship between various structural parameters was established. It was proved that the structure of ceramic products predetermines the frost resistance of ceramic masonry products.