Radiation-Induced Modification of Structure and One-Electron Elementary Excitations of C60 Fullerene Films

  • Elena PAVLENKO, Oksana DMYTRENKO∗, Nikolay КULISH, Yuriy PRYLUTSKYY, Nikolay BELYI, Vasyl STASHCHUK, Valentina SHLAPATSKAYA, Uwe RITTER, Peter SCHARFF Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Departments of Physics and Biophysics
Keywords: fullerite, electron irradiation, elementary electronic excitations, polymerization and amorphization, Raman scattering, photoluminescence, optical conductivity.


The influence of the beyond threshold electron irradiation (Ee = 1.8 MeV) on the processes of the destruction of C60
fullerenes due to their polymerization and the amorphization is studied. The crystal structure, vibrational spectra,
photoluminescence, interband molecular electron transitions for the condensed state of C60 fullerene with different
fluences are investigated. It is shown that the electron irradiation with an increase in the radiation dose differently affects
the appearance of polymerization and amorphization with their simultaneous taking in C60 fullerite. The creation of
radiation defects and polymerized structures it is necessary to consider as the formation of local capture centers of
charge carriers and excitons, which introduce the changes in the electronic states both in the energy gap and beyond its