Investigation of Borohydride Oxidation at Ultrafine Gold Layer Supported on Nickel

  • Darius MILIAUSKAS, Rima TAROZAITĖ, Loreta TAMAŠAUSKAITĖ TAMAŠIŪNAITĖ∗ Department of Chemistry, Vilnius University
Keywords: borohydride oxidation, immersion gold, nickel, quartz crystal microbalance.


The direct borohydride fuel cell has attracted increasing interest because of its potential advantages. So, it is important to
find cost-effective catalysts for borohydride oxidation. One of them is nickel, which demonstrates good performance for
hydrolysis of sodium borohydride due to its high specific surface area, but it oxidizes in alkaline media. An ultrafine
gold layer presents a good protection for nickel. Moreover, gold catalyzes borohydride oxidation. In this work we have
investigated the kinetics of instantaneous immersion gold deposition formation on nickel electrode by quartz crystal
microbalance (QCM). The electrochemical behaviour of sodium borohydride on different electrodes: nickel, thin
immersion gold layer deposited on it and bulk-form gold electrode has been studied by cyclic voltammetry