The Influence of Laminated Leather Structure on the Water Vapour Absorption and Desorption Behaviour

  • Ada GULBINIENĖ∗, Virginija JANKAUSKAITĖ, Virginijus URBELIS Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: laminated leather, microporous film, water vapour permeability, absorption, desorption.


In this paper the experimental and theoretical investigations of moisture transfer through microporous film
laminated leather are presented. The water vapour absorption and desorption processes of laminated leather are
described. Water vapour absorption in the laminated leather and its separate layers may be classified as non-Fickian:
sigmoidal – for microporous film and two-stage – for the leather of different structures. Water vapour desorption of
leather changes according to the exponential law and for microporous film according to the linear one.
Water vapour absorption/desorption mechanism depends on the leather permeability. Microporous film does not
worsen moisture transfer properties of the laminated leather. However water vapour permeability decreases and
absorption increases due to the nonporous adhesive layer used for microporous film bonding. The decrease of laminated
leather permeability intensifies the formation of capillary moisture or water clusters and increases water accumulation.