Synthesis and Properties of Magnetically Operated Nanocomposites Based on Transition Metals Oxides

  • Lyudmyla STOROZHUK Ukrainian National Academy of Science
  • Sergey HUTORNOY Ukrainian National Academy of Science
  • Ivan MUDRAK Ukrainian National Academy of Science
Keywords: surface modification, transition metals oxides, magnetically operated nanocomposites, Co ferrite, Ni ferrite, magnetic materials, biologically compatible coating


Technique for synthesis magnetically operated nanocomposites based on transition metals oxides (MeFe2O4, Me = Fe2+, Ni2+, Co2+) with biologically compatible coating (SiO2)x were developed and optimized. Tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) and sodium silicate were used as precursors for formation of SiO2 onto surface of magnetic component. Content of SiO2 in nanocomposite surface layer were adjusted from 0.1 g to 1.0 g for 1.0 g of magnetic component.

Structure of the obtained nanocomposites was studied using XRD method, electron microscopy and IR-Fourier spectroscopy. Influence of adsorbents composition on their magnetic properties was studied using vibration magnetometer. It was shown that values of specific magnetization at saturation for nanocomposites containing 0.2 g of non-magnetic component per 1 g of magnetic component corresponds to the typical values of pure magnetic phase. With increasing of content of non-magnetic components a decrease of specific magnetization at saturation was revealed.