Influence of Stitching Parameters on Tensile Strength of Aramid/Vinyl Ester Composites

  • Mehmet KARAHAN Uludag University
  • Yusuf ULCAY Uludag University
  • Nevin KARAHAN Uludag University
  • Abdil KUŞ Uludag University
Keywords: stitch bonding, stitch direction, Twaron woven composites


Stitching process is used to provide structural integrity and through-the-thickness reinforcement in the composite materials. In this study, the effect of sewing parameters on tensile strength in stitched composite laminates was examined. In the production of composite laminates, Twaron T-750 type plain weave fabric was used as reinforcement material and a Polives 702 Bisphenol-A type epoxy based vinyl ester as resin. The effects of stitch density and stitch direction or stitch pattern on tensile strength of composite samples were studied and, as a result of the experiments, it was observed that higher tensile strength occurs with low stitch densities in stitched laminates.