Dependence of Polypropylene Yarn Mechanical Properties on Manufacturing Parameters

  • Kira KRIKŠTANAVIČIENĖ Kaunas university of technology
  • Sigitas STANYS Kaunas university of technology
  • Vaida JONAITIENĖ Kaunas university of technology
Keywords: D – optimal designs, polypropylene, multifilament yarns, mechanical properties


Polypropylene (PP) multifilament structure is a valuable way to prepare yarns for medical application. In this study iPP multifilament yarns were prepared from iPP granules Moplen 462R by melt spinning technique COLLIN® CMF-100. The aim of investigation was to study and forecast mechanics indicators of threads being produced through the creation of mathematical model that define the association between yarn indicator and technological parameters of production. The samples were made using circular spinnerets with 24 holes. It has been shown that analysed technological parameters have a significant impact on the tensile characteristics of the PP multifilament yarns. The tensile properties of PP filaments are strongly influenced by their physical structure, which is controlled by the choice of the starting material and the fibre formation conditions.


Author Biography

Kira KRIKŠTANAVIČIENĖ, Kaunas university of technology
Department of textile technology