Photoelectrical Properties and Energetical Structure of Thin Films of Indandione Derivatives

  • Maira INDRIKOVA University of Latvia
  • Janis LATVELS University of Latvia
  • Inta MUZIKANTE University of Latvia
  • Baiba TUROVSKA Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
Keywords: quantum efficiency of the photoconductivity, sandwich type structure, energetical structure, photogeneration, indandione


A sandwich type structure of two dimetilaminobenziliden-1,3-indandione (DMABI) derivatives placed between metal electrodes was made to investigate the photoelectrical properties of these derivatives. DMABI is an organic isolator with a wide energy gap and high quantum efficiency of the photogeneration, DMABI derivatives have received also considerable attention because of its large dipole moment and optical nonlinearities. Besides, since it is a photosensitive material, its use in solar systems is very promising. The energy gap of each material and combined system was observed from the spectral dependence of the quantum efficiency of the photoconductivity and results are compared with results of oxidation and reduction potential of the materials. The values showed a good correlation between experimental data of the photoconductivity and voltamperometry and calculated data of the HOMO and LUMO levels of the molecules.