Concrete Dust Influence on Cement Stone Properties

  • Donatas GRIGONIS Kaunas University of Technology
  • Ernestas IVANAUSKAS Building Materials and Structures Research Centre
  • Žymantas RUDŽIONIS Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: concrete dust, micro particles, recycling, cement stone, rheology


The results of experimental investigation of reusing concrete dust (CD), from old concrete construction demolition as cement replacement are presented in the article. Tests were conducted on cement mass by replacing 0 % - 30 % of cement with CD mass. The physical and chemical properties of CD were stock reviewed to assess the possible influence on both fresh and hardened properties of cement. The results of qualitative properties evaluated by standard tests on different mixtures of Portland cement and CD proved to be promising. The comprehensive series of tests included rheology, compressive strength, absorbability, density, exothermic effect and rentgenographic. According to our findings CD can be used as cement replacement without strongly influencing the cement stone properties; CD can also become an alternative to  ecological concrete.