Correlation of Thermal and Microstructural Properties of an Al-0.60wt%Mg-0.25wt%Fe-0.05wt%Cu Alloy Unidirectionally Solidified

  • Pedro LAMARÃO Federal University of Pará
  • Clóvis SANTANA Federal University of Pará
  • Kazuo KAMIZONO Federal University of Pará
  • Isabella JORGE Federal University of Pará
  • José QUARESMA Federal University of Pará
Keywords: aluminium alloys, growth rate, cooling rate, dimples


This work aims to study the thermal, mechanical and microstructural properties of an Al-0.60 wt% Mg-0.25 wt% Fe- -0.05 wt% Cu alloy for application as an electrical conductor. The ingots were obtained by unidirectional horizontal casting, and were sectioned in specific positions to the production of test specimens destined to mechanical tests and microstructural characterization. As results, one can observe that it was possible to obtain experimental models of correlation between the average dimple diameters and thermal variables, demonstrating a trend on the formation of smaller fracture dimples where the cooling was more intense. As one can associate smaller dimples with greater ultimate tensile strength, it is important to understand this mechanism.