Impact of Superplasticizer on Rheological Properties and Hardening Process of Different Portland Cement Pastes

Jadvyga Žvironaitė, Modestas Kligys, Ina Pundienė, Jolanta Pranckevičienė


The effect of superplasticizer Muraplast FK 63.30 (SP) based on synthetic polycarboxylatether (PCE) on rheological properties (spreadability, fluidity, dynamic viscosity, stiffenes rate) on Portland cement pastes of different types (CEM I and CEM II/A-LL) and of different fineness (R and N) cements, as well as on its hardening process (hydration, development of structure) is investigated in this work. It is found that effect of Sp on rheological properties of pastes CEM I and CEM II is different. Spreadability of pastes CEM II is slightly less than pastes CEM I when SP is used, however plasticized pastes CEM II have better flowability properties, also the growth of dynamic viscosity in it is slower versus in pastes CEM I. In all pastes of the same consistency hydration process and hardening structure development is going faster when SP is used.



Portland cement, Portland-limestone cement, superplasticizer, rheological properties, hardening process

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289