Fabrication of Periodic Micro-Structures by Multi-Photon Polymerization Using the Femtosecond Laser and Four-Beam Interference

  • Evaldas STANKEVIČIUS Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
  • Mangirdas MALINAUSKAS Vilnius University Laser Research Center
  • Mindaugas GEDVILAS Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
  • Bogdan VOISIAT Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
  • Gediminas RAČIUKAITIS Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
Keywords: Multi-photon polymerization, periodic micro-structures, interference, SZ2080, ORMOSIL, femtosecond laser


Multi-photon polymerization by interference is a promising technique for mass fabrication of 3D periodic micro-structures over large areas, which can be used in various fields such as biomedicine (cell growing), photonics (photonics crystals), etc. As direct laser writing approach is a relatively slow process, fabrication of periodic structures by interference field of a few laser beams can be a significantly faster alternative route of parallel processing. The periodic structures are produced by the single laser exposure over the whole irradiated area. In this paper we present examples how periodic micro-structures can be fabricated over a large area by multi-photon polymerization in a negative photopolymer SZ2080 (ORMOSIL) using four-beam interference of a femtosecond laser.