Estimation of Electrical Properties of Hidden Objects Using Microwave Signals

  • Steponas AŠMONTAS Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
  • Oleg KIPRIJANOVIČ Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
  • Boris LEVITAS Geozondas UAB
  • Jonas MATUZAS Geozondas UAB
  • Irina NAIDIONOVA Geozondas UAB
Keywords: microwave systems, large B signals, wideband antennas, electrical properties, hidden objects


Pulsed excitation of a horn antenna for generating large B wideband electromagnetic pulses was used. The antenna was excited by electrical pulses with rise time of 200 ps and pulse voltage of 15 V. The spectral properties of the electromagnetic pulses were investigated using different wide band antennas and (0 18) GHz passband sampling oscilloscope. It was found that the signal spectra is wide and ranges from 0.3 GHz to higher than 12 GHz. Hollow cylinders made from opaque for visible light materials were used to hide other cylinders with certain electrical properties. To reveal their presence we employ the electromagnetic pulses. Transmitted through and reflected from investigated objects pulses were received by several antennas having different frequency ranges and detected to obtain needed information. The experiments show that analyzing this information leads to conclusions about the presence of the object and its electrical properties. This methodic supposedly can be employed to disclose electrical properties of objects having complex electrical properties if broadband amplifiers and digital oscilloscopes are used.