Development of Mg-14Ni-6TaF5 Hydrogen Absorption-Desorption Material via Reaction-Involved Milling

  • Myoung Youp SONG Chonbuk National University
  • Young Jun KWAK Chonbuk National University
  • Seong Ho LEE Chonbuk National University
  • Hye Ryoung PARK Chonnam National University
Keywords: hydrogen absorption-desorption material, magnesium, Ni and TaF5 addition, reaction-involved milling, hydrogen absorption and release rates


A sample with 80 w/o Mg-14 w/o Ni-6 w/o TaF5 composition (named Mg-14Ni-6TaF5) was prepared by reaction-involved milling. The hydrogen absorption and release characteristics of the sample were then investigated. Activation of the sample was finished after two absorption (at 1.2 MPa hydrogen)-desorption (in vacuum) cycles. The activated Mg-14Ni-6TaF5 had a useful hydrogen absorption-desorption capacity approaching 6 w/o at 573 K at 1.2 MPa hydrogen. At 573 K, the activated sample stored 4.98 w/o hydrogen during 5 min, 5.42 w/o hydrogen during 10 min, and 5.74 w/o hydrogen during 60 min at 1.2 MPa hydrogen, and desorbed 0.15 w/o hydrogen during 5 min, 0.37 w/o hydrogen during 10 min, 1.18 w/o hydrogen during 30 min, and 2.22 w/o hydrogen during 60 min at 0.1 MPa hydrogen. The activated sample absorbed hydrogen at a comparatively low temperature of 423 K (3.59 w/o hydrogen in the fifth cycle during 60 min at 1.2 MPa hydrogen).