A Novel Conservation Method of Historical Outdoor Ceramics

  • Aivaras Kareiva Vilnius University
  • Tomas PETRĖNAS Vilnius University
  • Olga OPUCHOVIČ Vilnius University
  • Jūratė SENVAITIENĖ Vilnius University
  • Aldona BEGANSKIENĖ Vilnius University
Keywords: Ancient ceramics, conservation, new method, SEM, TG, contact angle


In this study, a novel conservation method was developed for the protection of historical outdoor ceramics. The historical ceramics from monastery of “San Filippo di Fragalà” (Sicily, Italy) were chosen for this study. Polymeric films on the surface of ceramics specimens were formed using Silres BS 16 as a precursor. For the comparison, the material Paraloid B-82, which is already known in the conservation practice, was also used for the formation of protective coatings on historical ceramics. The investigated samples were characterized by SEM, TG, EDX, XRD methods and contact angle measurements. The results obtained showed that ceramic samples were successfully preserved and saturated by Silres BS 16 with forming effective polymeric coatings on ancient ceramics surfaces. Keywords: Ancient ceramics, conservation, Silres BS 16, SEM, TG, contact angle.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.ms.21.2.6823

Author Biography

Aivaras Kareiva, Vilnius University
prof. habil. dr.