Characteristics Portrayal of Nano CexMyO1-x+y (M = Zn, Mg & Ni)

  • Suriakala PERUMAL RAJA
  • Tamilarasan KARPPUSAMY
Keywords: ceria based materials, structural properties, optical properties, magnetic properties


Nano CexMyO1-x+y (M =  Zn, Mg and Ni) materials were prepared for the applications of spintronic devices by microwave induced combustion process using cerium nitrate, zinc nitrate, magnesium nitrate and nickel nitrate as a starting materials and sorbitol and glycine used as a fixed ratio of fuel. The structural properties of all samples were analyzed by XRD, SEM and TEM. The crystallite size was found in the nano ranges in the order of 27 nm to 3 nm and their lattice parameters are in the range of 5.3739A˚ to 5.4479A˚. These structural parameters are affected by amount of fuel ratio, nature of materials integrated and preparation method. The optical properties were examined via UV-Vis spectroscopy. The variation of the band gap energy was due to concentration of the grain boundaries, which depends on the type of mixing materials. The magnetic nature of the prepared samples was studied by Vibration Sample Magnetometer (VSM). The VSM results show the existence of weak ferromagnetic and paramagnetic nature of ceria nanocrystallite materials which is also depending on the incorporation of various materials.