Structural and Optical Properties of Ultra-high Pure Hot Water Processed Ga2O3 Thin Film

  • Subramani SHANMUGAN school of physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia,
  • Devarajan MUTHARASU school of physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia,
Keywords: Ga2O3 thin film, structural properties, surface defects, optical properties, hot water process


Thin film based gas sensor is an advanced application of thin film especially Ga2O3 (GO) thin film gas sensor is useful for high temperature gas sensor. The effect of moisture or environment on thin film properties has more influence on gas sensing properties. Radio Frequency sputtered Ga2O3 thin film was synthesized and processed in ultra-high pure hot water at 95 °C for different time durations. The structural properties were verified by the Xray Diffraction technique and the observed spectra revealed the formation of hydroxyl compound of Gallium (Gallium Oxide Dueterate – GOD) on the surface of the thin film and evidenced for structural defects as an effect of moisture. Decreased crystallite size and increased dislocation density was showed the crystal defects of prepared film. From the Ultra Violet – Visible spectra, decreased optical transmittance was noticed for various processing time. The formation of needle like GOD was confirmed using Field Emission Secondary Electron Microscope (FESEM) images.