The Microstructure and Compressive Properties of Aluminum Alloy (A356) Foams with Different Al-Ti-B Additions

Zan ZHANG, Xing Chuan Xia, Jing WANG, Weimin ZHAO, Bo LIAO, Boyoung HUR


Closed-cell aluminum alloy (A356) foams with different percentages of Al-Ti-B are prepared by melt foaming method, using Ca and TiH2 as thickening agent and foaming agent, respectively. SEM and Quasi-static compression tests are performed to investigate the effect of Al-Ti-B on the microstructure and compressive properties of aluminum alloy (A356) foams. The results show that foams with Al-Ti-B percentage of 0.3 wt.% possess good combinations of micro hardness, yield strength, plateau strength, densification strain and energy absorption capacity under the present conditions. The reasons are mainly due to the foams with Al-Ti-B percentage of 0.3 wt.% possess optimal eutectic Si morphology (with eutectic Si existing in the forms of particles or short fiber).



aluminum foam, melt foaming method, Al-Ti-B, microstructure, compressive property

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Print ISSN: 1392–1320
Online ISSN: 2029–7289