Mineral Wool Macrostructure Parameter’s Relation with Product’s Mechanical Properties

  • Andrius BUSKA
  • Romualdas MAČIULAITIS
  • Žymantas RUDŽIONIS Kaunas university of technology
Keywords: mineral wool, structure, compressive stress, macrostructure parameter, mechanical properties


The experimental tests established the relations of rigid mineral wool products (with different structure) macrostructure parameters with main their mechanical characteristic – compressibility. The products within the nominal density between 45 and 170 kg/m3 were analysed. Determined that strong functional relationship exists between the values of critical compressive stress and macrostructure parameters, density and organic content of mineral wool products, because the value of the multiple correlation coefficient equals 0.95. Using the obtained empirical equation is possible predict and calculate the mechanical behiaviour (compression stress) of mineral wool slabs by using macrostructure parameters and other (density, organic content) characteristics.

Author Biography

Žymantas RUDŽIONIS, Kaunas university of technology
Building materials department, assoc. prof. dr.