A Study of Bond of Structural Timber and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Plate

  • Yongtaeg LEE
  • Junho PARK
  • Seonguk HONG
  • Seunghun KIM
Keywords: bond, structural timber, carbon fiber reinforced polymer plate, external bonded reinforcement, near-surface mounted


The increase of well-being culture of problem related to environmental depletion of resource is not the growing interest in timber the natural material of construction markets. Also, the perception for historic preservation has been increased in respond to heightened interest. However, it is fairly difficult for architectural properties to maintain their durability because it was made by timber construction. Preventing traditional structure from damage and structural performance reduction is paramount in maintenance problem. A number of studies of reinforced method have been conducted in order to solve such a problem. In this paper, external bonded reinforcement and near-surface mounted was used as a way to reinforce timber structure’s durability. Bond strength for specimens with different bond length was investigated. As a result showed, maximum bond strength in bond length 300 mm from all method, was found to be not increased of bond strength over the certain bond length.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.ms.21.4.9702