Magnetic Properties of Two-Phase Composite Magnetic Material and Its Application to Electrical Equipment

  • Zhiwei CHEN
  • Baodong BAI
  • Dezhi CHEN
Keywords: two-phase composite magnetic material, magnetic properties, heat treatment, preparation of material, power transformer, electrical equipment


A detailed research on the magnetic properties, preparation, and application of two-phase composite magnetic material was conducted in this paper. Firstly, in order to obtain the characteristics of high remanence and low coercivity, a micro field mathematical model of hysteresis was established and the magnetization model of this material was determined on the basis of micro magnetic theory. Secondly, the relationship between remanence and coercivity was analyzed and the preparation technology of the material was proposed from the perspective of the elemental composition, the heat treatment, and the other steps. Finally, after mastering the magnetization characteristic, conversion and control mechanism of the material, a new power transformer with function of DC bias compensation based on the two-phase composite magnetic material was proposed. The simulation and experimental results showed that the transformer could achieve a good compensation for the DC bias problem by using material remanence, which provides intelligent and energy-saving electrical equipment for the electric network safe operation.