Preliminary Study of the Pozzolanic Activity of Dumped Mine Wastes Obtained from the North Bohemian Basin in the Czech Republic


  • Konstantinos SOTIRIADIS Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS CR, Centre of Excellence Telč
  • Petr ŠAŠEK
  • Radek ŠEVČÍK
  • Pavel SCHMIDT
  • Michal ŘEHOŘ
  • Alberto VIANI



pozzolanic activity, dumped mine wastes, lime mortars, thermal analysis


Three dumped raw materials, a tuff and two bentonites, obtained from two mining sites at the North Bohemian basin in the Czech Republic, have been studied in order to evaluate them as pozzolanic admixtures in lime mortars for employment in restoration of cultural heritage objects. After thermal activation (800 °C; 5 h), their pozzolanic properties were compared with those of commercial metakaolin. Quantitative phase analysis with the Rietveld method from X-ray powder diffraction patterns, morphological observations, as well as the Frattini and the modified Chapelle tests were performed. In addition, lime mortars, incorporating the fired materials, were prepared and subjected to simultaneous thermal analysis after a 28-day initial curing (20 ± 1 °C; 60 ± 5 % RH). The results showed that all three materials possess pozzolanic activity. However, when employed in lime mortars they did not result in formation of pozzolanic reaction products. Two methods were proposed to improve their reactivity; grinding to obtain finer particle size and removal of quartz content where necessary.


Author Biography

Konstantinos SOTIRIADIS, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics AS CR, Centre of Excellence Telč

Konstantinos Sotiriadis Dr. Eng., is a postdoctoral fellow (male) at the Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Centre of Excellence Telč. He has a diploma in chemical engineering, post graduate studies on materials science and technology (MSc) and a PhD in the field of chemistry and technology of cement; all degrees obtained from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) (Greece). His scientific interests include: chemistry of building materials; durability of cement based materials exposed to detrimental environments; bricks characterization; microstructure of building materials. He was previously employed as academic staff/postdoctoral researcher in the Brno University of Technology (BUT), Faculty of Civil Engineering, Advanced Materials, Structures and Technologies Centre (Czech Republic). He had been involved in teaching several courses in the Faculty of Civil Engineering (BUT) and in the School of Chemical Engineering (NTUA), while he has established international cooperation with European universities. He has also worked as a chemical analyst and cost accountant in the chemical laboratory of the Hellenic Army. Throughout his involvement he has developed strong multicultural, communication and networking skills and gained a wide experience in dissemination and exploitation of research results. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and a member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers, as well as a reviewer in scientific journals. His published record is made up of 7 journal papers with IF and 32 conference publications, 76 citations with an h-index of 4.