Research on Magnetically Targeted Drug Delivery System Based on Fullerene Derivatives


  • Ying WANG Zhengzhou University
  • Li SU Zhengzhou Third People's Hospital Laboratory
  • Bing LI Zhengzhou University
  • Ningning JIN Zhengzhou University
  • Riji LU Wei An Packaging Products Co.
  • Jing ZHANG Zhengzhou University



carboxyl-terminated fullerene pyrrolidine, iron oxide, magnetic targeting, oxorubicin


A carboxyl-terminated fullerene pyrrolidine derivative was synthesized by 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition of imine ylide (FP-COOH). UV-Vis, FT-IR and MALDI-TOF respectively verified the effective synthesis of compounds. The compound (FP-COOH) was used as an intermediate, and then the hydrothermal chemical bonding method was used to load ferric oxide on the compound (FP-COOH). Its purpose was to form a magnetic targeting carrier system (FP-IONP-COOH). Then use the non-covalent method to combine FP-IONP-COOH with doxorubicin. The ultimate goal was to improve the side effects of doxorubicin. The solubility experiments showed that both FP-IONP-COOH and FP-IONP-COOH/DOX had good water solubility. The investigation of magnetism showed that FP-IONP-COOH has good magnetism. Finally, in vitro release experiments further verified the targeting of FP-IONP-COOH/DOX. The cumulative release of DOX at 48 h could be as high as 82 %, whereas the accumulated release of FP-IONP-COOH/DOX at 48 h was only 48 %, and was able to continuously release for more than 120 h, demonstrating its good sustained release in vivo.